Byington Wholesale Club


Join the Byington Wholesale Club and enjoy significant savings off of retail price of our artisan wine. Our Wholesale Club is for those who appreciate fine wine or aspire to do so, enjoy wine or gift wine on a regular basis, and LOVE a great deal.


  • Buy Wine at Wholesale Prices
  • Available only at MADSEN in Los Altos
  • Minimum purchase of 1 CASE (no mix & match)
  • At least 5 Different Wines available at any given time
  • Multiple Signature Byington wines available
  • Current in-store stock only (no orders)
  • Annual Subscription of $149 + tax
  • Subscription pays for itself on first purchase of most wines
  • Wholesale Club is unique and separate from Byington Wine Club
  • No other discounts apply 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Byington Wholesale Club? Access to at least 5 of our artisan wines at wholesale prices via an annual subscription.
  2. Who should join the Wholesale Club? Bon vivants who appreciate fine wine or aspire to do so, enjoy wine or gift wine on a regular basis, and LOVE a great deal.
  3. How much does it cost to join the Wholesale Club? The annual fee is $149 + tax. In the large majority of cases, you will recoup the cost of your membership with the first case purchase. Receive a Byington logo glass at sign up too!
  4. Where is the Wholesale Club located? Exclusively at MADSEN in Los Altos.
  5. How is this different from the Byington Wine Club? The Wholesale Club offers a deeper savings than Wine Club on select CASES made available for in-store purchase only at MADSEN.  
  6. Can I be in the Wine Club and the Wholesale Club? Absolutely! Wine Club members explore our many wine selections in quarterly shipments at a 20-30% discount and receive discounts on bottle purchases at online and via our locations in Los Gatos and Los Altos. Wholesale Club Members enjoy case purchases at wholesale prices. 
  7. How do I decide between Clubs? If you know what you love and want it in bulk at a deep discount, the Wholesale Club is right for you. If you want to explore all of our offerings bottle-by-bottle, and plan to visit our locations, the Wine Club may be right for you. Of course, both may be a good fit! 
  8. Is the Wholesale Club Membership active at the Winery? The Wholesale Club operates at the Los Altos Tasting Room only. 
  9. What wines are available for purchase through the Wholesale Club? A selection of 5 wines at any given time, including a number of our Byington Signature wines. Call, visit regularly, and stay updated via email for current selections. 
  10. Can I buy a split case? We do not offer split cases. Save. Enjoy. Repeat with a different case!
  11. Can you ship my Wholesale Club purchase? Wholesale Club purchases are made in person ONLY from our Los Altos Tasting Room and must be picked up from this location.  
  12. Can I order over the phone? Our hours at the Los Altos Tasting Room are Tuesday-Sunday 4-8pm. Please call during those hours for a phone order. If a staff member does not answer, they may be helping someone onsite or at the door, so please call back. The number is 408-354-1111 ext. 3. 
  13. Can I taste the wine before I buy? We do not offer tastings as part of the Wholesale Club. However, some of our Signature wines may be available to purchase by the glass at the winery or by the bottle at MADSEN or online at Often, we have a $10 flat rate shipping special if you’d like to buy and try a wine from
  14. Can I buy less than a case of wine? Not as part of the Wholesale Club. For smaller quantities, please purchase at for the largest selection of our wines, Byington Vineyard & Winery in Los Gatos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm, or at MADSEN. Not all wines are available for purchase at MADSEN.
  15. Where can I learn more about your wines? We have a tremendous amount of information at, which includes tasting notes on each wine. For a number of our wines, we also offer expanded tasting notes in podcast format by our Director of Sales and Sommelier, Vince Robledo.