Afternoon “Showers” Package Appetizers

Chicken Skewers with lime-mint beurre blanc sauce

Caprese Skewer: mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil; drizzled with olive oil and balsamic

Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs

Mediterranean Salad Cups with Israeli couscous, tomatoes, red onion, black olives and crumbled Feta; served in a cucumber cup

Phyllo Cups with Wild Rice: chicken, roasted pistachio, Italian parsley, green onion and red bell pepper

Smoked Salmon Lollipop rolled in black sesame seeds

Bruschetta with Toasted Baguettes served with fresh tomato salsa

Focaccia Sandwiches with Roasted Vegetables: grilled zucchini, yellow squash, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and sun-dried tomato

Focaccia Sandwiches with Turkey: herbed focaccia with roasted turkey, pesto and roasted peppers

$45/person + tax. Pricing is based on 50 guests. Pricing may vary based on different guest count.  This is a terrific menu for parties commencing at 1 pm and concluding at 4 pm. There is no minimum.