Networking Special Appetizer Package

Enjoy this gourmet catered appetizer package, meeting a variety of dietary requirements, with your event.

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION CHEESE TRAY: A wonderful blend of artisan cheeses, this collection includes the following. Old Sport Aged Cheddar made by Ig Vella in Sonoma, is a superbly sharp, two year aged cheddar. Redwood Hill Camellia is a Camembert-style goat milk cheese made by Jennifer Bice in Sebastopol. Bermuda Triangle is a creamy, light, and earthy aged goat milk cheese from Mary Keehn in McKinleyville. The interior is covered with a vegetable ash with a finish of white mold. Bear Flag Mezzo Secco is a “partially dry” Jack for Ig Vella in Sonoma with outstanding sharp, clean flavor.

SOURDOUGH BAGUETTE: Thin with a chewy crust, this sliced sourdough baguette accompanies the California Collection Cheese Tray.

ASSORTED DELUXE CANAPES: Toasted bread rounds topped with shrimp and chicken salad, cherry tomatoes stuffed with a crab mixture, Italian salami cones filled with chive and green onion cream cheese.

BOCCONCINI SKEWERS W/ PITTED KALAMATA OLIVES & GRAPE TOMATOES: Bite size Mozzarella balls skewered with pitted Kalamata olives and grape tomatoes. Served with pesto cream for dipping.

POLENTA CROSTINI: Polenta medallions topped with wild mushroom, onion, roasted pepper coulis and garnished with fresh house-made pesto.