Networking Special Appetizer Package

Enjoy this gourmet catered appetizer package, meeting a variety of dietary requirements, with your event.

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION CHEESE TRAY (V, GF): A wonderful blend of artisan cheeses, this collection includes the following. Old Sport Aged Cheddar made by Ig Vella in Sonoma, is a superbly sharp, two year aged cheddar. Redwood Hill Camellia is a Camembert-style goat milk cheese made by Jennifer Bice in Sebastopol. Bermuda Triangle is a creamy, light, and earthy aged goat milk cheese from Mary Keehn in McKinleyville. The interior is covered with a vegetable ash with a finish of white mold. Bear Flag Mezzo Secco is a “partially dry” Jack for Ig Vella in Sonoma with outstanding sharp, clean flavor.

SOURDOUGH BAGUETTE: Thin with a chewy crust, this sliced sourdough baguette accompanies the California Collection Cheese Tray.

ASSORTED DELUXE CANAPES: Toasted bread rounds topped with shrimp and chicken salad, cherry tomatoes stuffed with a crab mixture, Italian salami cones filled with chive and green onion cream cheese.

BOCCONCINI SKEWERS W/ PITTED KALAMATA OLIVES & GRAPE TOMATOES (V): Bite size Mozzarella balls skewered with pitted Kalamata olives and grape tomatoes. Served with pesto cream for dipping.

POLENTA CROSTINI (VEG): Polenta medallions topped with wild mushroom, onion, roasted pepper coulis and garnished with fresh house-made pesto.

This package is $20.10 per person plus tax. Guaranteed 11 pieces per person. Pricing and pieces per person based on 49 guest count though smaller groups may select this catering option. Pricing for smaller groups may vary.